Cetaron - IDPL flyer2016(wo bleed)

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1. SPECTRA+ IDPL Intense Dynamic Pulse Light by World most advance dynamic light treatment Wave Length HR: 650-960 nm SR: 560-960 nm Optional: (VR 420-960 nm PR: 530-960 nm AR:500-960 nm) Fluence IPL & E-light mode: 10-50J/cm2 IDPL mode: 1-10J/cm2 Frequency IPL & E-light: ≤0.5HZ IDPL: 1-8HZ RF Power 30 W Input Power 3000 W Light Power Source Pure Sapphire Lamp Multiple Wavelength Light Spot Size 10 x 40 mm for (SR,VR,AR,PR) 15 x 50 mm for HR Contact Cooling Temperature Max -10°C Cooling System Built in water cooling + semi conductor cooling + air cooling LCD Screen 10.4” True Color Touch Screen Control Weight 50 kg Machine Size 345 mm × 520 mm × 1090 mm Package Size 570 mm × 660 mm × 1200 mm SPECIFICATION BEYONIQUE Pte Ltd. Tel : +65 6747 9820 Email : info@beyonique.com 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #04-06 Enterprise ONE, Singapore 415934 www.beyonique.com Malaysia Office : +603 2284 9939 Indonesia Office : +62 (021) 3006 1591 Thailand Office : +66 81 852 5255 Nationwide Dealers Wanted We provide strong business support to ensure your success Exclusive Distributed by :

2. Pigmentation Improvement Acne/Marks Improvement Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal MULTI-FUNCTIONS OPERATING SYSTEM All You Need is SPECTRA+ IDPL Automatic pulse duration with adjusted energy level. Automatic HR and SR handpieces recognition by system. Clear user interface for functions selection. Self adjustment system with advance software control algorithm for both light sources and energy control. SDR MODE Use wavelength range from 650nm to 950nm, which can filter out the violet (purple) and infrared light. Short wavelength range improves the absorption of focused energy. Reduce the generation of excess heat from 950nm- 1200nm. Reduce the side effect like intense pain that came from single high energy pulse. *SDR works efficiently and effectively on both hair removal (HR) and skin rejuvenation (SR). 190 532 755 1064 2940 10600 UV-Light Visable Light Infrared Light The SPECTRA+ IDPL combines IPL, E-light and SDR (Super Dynamic Rejuvenation) technologies into one system to satisify various treatment requirementd. SDR mode also utilizes Unique In-Motion Technology, where the applicator combines high average power, low fluence, and a high repetition rate; gradually increase the temperature of the hair follicle by stacking the light pulses. SDR mode heating the dermis gently to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents hair re-growth, while not injuring surrounding tissue. BEFORE & AFTER is Safe on All Skin Tones SPECTRA+ IDPL


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