Cetaron - Slimshape 2016 (view)

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1. A c h i e v e y o u r i d e a l c u r v e 2016 Edition Handle Type HIFU, Cavitation & Bipolar RF Frequency 230khz (HIFU), 40khz (Cavitation) & 2Mhz (Bipolar) Treatment Energy 1 - 30 Degree (HIFU & Bipolar), 1 - 10 Degree (Cavitation) Treatment Mode Pulse (HIFU), Continuous (Cavitation & Bipolar) Tip Size 42mm (HIFU), 50mm (Cavitation) & 8mm (Bipolar) Input Power 10 - 40W Focus Depth 12mm Dimension 550mm x 360mm x 1175mm Weight 38kg Electrical Requirement 110v - 220v, 10A Single phrase Environment 15 - 30 Degree, 80% Humidity SPECIFICATION BEYONIQUE Pte Ltd. Tel : +65 6747 9820 Email : info@beyonique.com 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #04-06 Enterprise ONE, Singapore 415934 www.beyonique.com Malaysia Office : +603 2284 9939 Indonesia Office : +62 (021) 3006 1591 Thailand Office : +66 81 852 5255 Nationwide Dealers Wanted We provide strong business support to ensure your success Exclusive Distributed by :

2. A new category of body shaping technology, SLIMSHAPE utilizes High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology to eliminate sub - cutaneous fat without discomfort or downtime. The method is non-invasive and surgical-free – no incisions, anesthetics, or recovery time. SLIMSHAPE delivers focused energy to the layer of subcutaneous fat without causing harm to surrounding skin, nerves and blood vessels. The walls of fats will undergo rapid change in pressure resulting in fat cells to rupture, releasing the fat in form of triglycerides. Triglycerides are then processed through the liver and eliminated from the body naturally. • Fast and Effective. • Easy to set up and operate. • Average abdominal reduction between 30 and 60 mm after 3 treatments. • Visible result will be showed in 2 weeks after the treatment. • Comfortable Treatment without swelling and bumps post treatment. • Suitable for small fat areas; such as arm, leg or any part of the body. Epidermis Dermis Fat Cell Muscle Focused HIFU energy breaking away fat cells Highlights BEFORE AFTER HIFU Head (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) • Area focused ultrasound • Direct and precise fat bursting • Require a minimum level of fat • Use for intensive stubborn fat area 40 kHz Ultrasound Cavitation Head • Wider area of ultrasound • More effective on area with less fats • Can be use as a pre-HIFU process which enhances the effectiveness of HIFU head 2 Mhz Bipolar RF Head • Effective and precise face lifting using Radio Frequency


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