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Intensive O2 Cream (50ml / 1.68 FL OZ e)
S$ 88.00 S$ 88.00 88.0 SGD
A unique treatment-type moisturizer that supplies a surge of oxygen to the skin and improves its texture. Oxygen plasma triggers the formation of collagen and elastin while Colostrum serves essential nutrients to the skin.
Pure O2 Essence (30ml / 1.0 FL OZ e)
S$ 138.00 S$ 138.00 138.0 SGD
This unique essence greatly enhances the formation of collagen and elastin which Oxygen Plasma helps to deliver a high volume of oxygen and needed nutrients to your skin cells. Significant improvement for fine lines, acne, and sun-damaged skin can be observed after a few applications. Regular use will produce a more energized, purified, and healthy radiant skin.
Gentle Milk Cleanser (Professional 1100ml / 37.04 FL OZ e)
S$ 58.00 S$ 58.00 58.0 SGD
The Gentle Milk Cleanser removes impurities and light makeup gently without irritation. It also restores moistures and essential minerals to the skin.
DERMA Turnaround Brightening Cleanser (135ml / 4.5 FL OZ e)
S$ 53.00 S$ 53.00 53.0 SGD
A mild cleansing fluid that improves surface clarity by lifting dull skin cells and prepares skin for maximum penetration of DERMA Turnaround active ingredients. Skin is left feeling clean and conditioned. Suitable for all skin types.
DERMA Turnaround Brightening Cleanser (Professional 500ml / 16.83 FL OZ e)
S$ 118.00 S$ 118.00 118.0 SGD
(This product is designated For Professional Use Only)

A mild cleansing fluid that improves surface clarity by lifting dull skin cells and prepares skin for maximum penetration of DERMA Turnaround active ingredients. Skin is left feeling clean and conditioned. Suitable for all skin types.
DERMA Turnaround Smoothing Cream (50ml / 1.7 FL OZ e)
S$ 93.00 S$ 93.00 93.0 SGD
Turnaround Smoothing Cream is a medium-weight moisturizer that enwraps your skin with antioxidant protection to boost radiance and leave skin visibly supple. It provides long lasting moisture while focusing on reversing the signs of aging.
Hydra Balancing Toner (200ml / 6.73 FL OZ e)
S$ 68.00 S$ 68.00 68.0 SGD
A special toner blend with vital plant extracts that refreshes, hydrates and refines skin texture. Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender extracts soothe the skin, while
Willow Bark and Portulaca extracts provide anti-inflammatory properties. Witch Hazel, Japanese Green Tea and Cucumber extracts help to balance the skin and offers protection from free radical damage. Fragrance and alcohol-free, it is excellent for restoring skin essential lipids.
Multi Pre-Cleanse (115ml / 3.87 FL OZ e)
S$ 33.00 S$ 33.00 33.0 SGD
This unique two-phase pre-cleanser gently liquifies and removes all traces of oil-based debris, impurities, and long-lasting waterproof cosmetics or sunscreens, leaving skin feeling clean and comfortable. Gentle to delicate skin areas.
Hydrating Powder Soft Mask - Aloe Vera (1000gm)
S$ 45.00 S$ 45.00 45.0 SGD
This mask provides moisturizing, nourishing, and skin-brightening benefits that leave your skin with a smooth and fair complexion.

PURE Pores Essence (35ml / 1.18 FL OZ e)
S$ 103.00 S$ 103.00 103.0 SGD
A concentrated essence that has powerful control of the sebaceous flow and balances the skin's natural acidity. It helps to soften blackheads, tighten enlarged pores and remove excess oil from skin.

Active Ingredients:
Horse Chestnut Extract: Has an excellent anti-inflammatory formula and promotes clear healthy skin
Seaweed Extracts: Contains abundant essential amino acids, maintaining and improving the skin's elasticity
PURE Refining Cream (50ml / 1.68 FL OZ e)
S$ 53.00 S$ 53.00 53.0 SGD
A lightweight, calming formula that helps to treat existing acne and prevent future breakouts.

Active Ingredients:
Mushroom Extract: Has astringent properties and helps refine skin tone and texture
Prunus Yedoensis leaf extract & Sakura leaf extract: Helps to clarify skin, improve and soothe skin texture
sMTS Oil Crystal Essence Set (Essence 1ml x 12 ea, Triple Activating Serum 50ml)
S$ 498.00 S$ 498.00 498.0 SGD
The perfect solution to better skin with immediate radiant results without suffering through micro-needling. With just one treatment, the glow is unparalleled to any other. This Oil Crystal Essence illuminates and smoothens your skin with the use of the first-of-its-kind soluble needle technology. With the ultimate innovation, it guarantees results. No insertion, no pain, no scar, and hassle-free. Suitable for all skin types.

Instant brightening
Intense moisturizing
Perfect smoothness
No scratching or puncturing of the skin with steel micro-needling
Safely delivers active ingredients that promote cell renewal
Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles
Soothing Toner (Professional 5000ml / 168.4 FL OZ e)
S$ 58.00 S$ 58.00 58.0 SGD
Beaulite Soothing Toner (5 litres)
Therapeutic Cellulose Mask (Sheet / 48gm 1.62 FL OZ e)
S$ 8.80 S$ 8.80 8.8 SGD
The Therapeutic Cellulose Mask is enriched with cells rejuvenating polydeoxyribonucleotides (Sodium-DNA). This mask provides the ultimate cell repair and supplies intense hydration to the skin.

Perfect as an intensive aftercare treatment
Reveals younger, softer skin
Smoothens fine lines
WISH Formula Reparative-K Cream (220ml)
S$ 220.00 S$ 220.00 220.0 SGD
WISH Formula Reparative-K Cream forms an effective skin barrier to protect sensitive skin. Its high concentration of active ingredients helps to soothe and relieve redness in sensitive areas of your skin.