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Pure O2 Essence (30ml / 1.0 FL OZ e)
S$ 138.00 S$ 138.00 138.0 SGD
This unique essence greatly enhances the formation of collagen and elastin which Oxygen Plasma helps to deliver a high volume of oxygen and needed nutrients to your skin cells. Significant improvement for fine lines, acne, and sun-damaged skin can be observed after a few applications. Regular use will produce a more energized, purified, and healthy radiant skin.
PURE Pores Essence (35ml / 1.18 FL OZ e)
S$ 103.00 S$ 103.00 103.0 SGD
A concentrated essence that has powerful control of the sebaceous flow and balances the skin's natural acidity. It helps to soften blackheads, tighten enlarged pores and remove excess oil from skin.

Active Ingredients:
Horse Chestnut Extract: Has an excellent anti-inflammatory formula and promotes clear healthy skin
Seaweed Extracts: Contains abundant essential amino acids, maintaining and improving the skin's elasticity
sMTS Oil Crystal Essence Set (Essence 1ml x 12 ea, Triple Activating Serum 50ml)
S$ 498.00 S$ 498.00 498.0 SGD
The perfect solution to better skin with immediate radiant results without suffering through micro-needling. With just one treatment, the glow is unparalleled to any other. This Oil Crystal Essence illuminates and smoothens your skin with the use of the first-of-its-kind soluble needle technology. With the ultimate innovation, it guarantees results. No insertion, no pain, no scar, and hassle-free. Suitable for all skin types.

Instant brightening
Intense moisturizing
Perfect smoothness
No scratching or puncturing of the skin with steel micro-needling
Safely delivers active ingredients that promote cell renewal
Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles