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sMTS Crystal Mask Pack Kit
S$ 138.00 S$ 138.00 138.0 SGD
Contains 5 x syringe of sMTS Oil Spicule Essence (0.5ml) and 5 x dual HA sheet mask in a pack.

The sMTS Oil Spicule Essence contains oligopeptide-1 (0.65 ppm), Edelweiss callus culture extract, and floret DNA fragments to provide your skin with sufficient hydration to leave it looking clear.
sMTS Dual HA: Mask Pack Plus
S$ 48.00 S$ 48.00 48.0 SGD
Contains 5 x Dual HA: Mask sheets

The moisturizing effect the sMTS Dual HA: Mask Pack Plus provides is stronger and more moisturizing than regular paper masks. It is composed of 8 kinds of moisturizing amino acids, plus the discrete molecules of hyaluronic acid, which can be directly and effectively absorbed by the cells. By quickly replenishing water, it is able to moisturize like the rain and reduce moisture loss to keep skin supple and moisturized at different altitudes.
sMTS Oil Crystal Essence Set (Essence 1ml x 12 ea, Triple Activating Serum 50ml)
S$ 498.00 S$ 498.00 498.0 SGD
The perfect solution to better skin with immediate radiant results without suffering through micro-needling. With just one treatment, the glow is unparalleled to any other. This Oil Crystal Essence illuminates and smoothens your skin with the use of the first-of-its-kind soluble needle technology. With the ultimate innovation, it guarantees results. No insertion, no pain, no scar, and hassle-free. Suitable for all skin types.

Instant brightening
Intense moisturizing
Perfect smoothness
No scratching or puncturing of the skin with steel micro-needling
Safely delivers active ingredients that promote cell renewal
Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles
WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources A (Professional 15ml / 0.5 FL OZ e)
S$ 78.00 S$ 78.00 78.0 SGD
Fermented Active Sources A is suitable for acne-prone skin and contains fermented Houttuynia Cordata Extracts, Paeonia Albiflora Root Extracts, and Portulaca Extracts. It not only soothes and moisturizes the skin but also controls sebum.
WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources M (Professional 15ml / 0.5 FL OZ e)
S$ 78.00 S$ 78.00 78.0 SGD
WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources M whitens the skin and prevents freckles. Vitamin E promotes anti-aging while Pueraria extracts prevent wrinkles. Malt, Pumpkin Seed extracts and Apricot extracts inhibits melanin from forming, and Bean extracts along with Kojic acid helps to whiten the skin.
WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources W (Professional 15ml / 0.5 FL OZ e)
S$ 78.00 S$ 78.00 78.0 SGD
WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources W contains an abundance of Polyphenol micronutrients that help protect against the harmful free radicals that can damage cells. Red ginseng helps to whiten and promote anti-aging, while fermented honey contains a variety of vitamins (B, C) and minerals (potassium, zinc, and calcium). Fermented green tea leaf and pomegranate extract also help with anti-aging.