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WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources A (Professional 15ml / 0.5 FL OZ e)
S$ 78.00 S$ 78.00 78.0 SGD
Fermented Active Sources A is suitable for acne skin and contain fermented Houttuynia Cordata Extracts, Paeonia Albiflora Root Extracts and Portulaca Extracts. It soothes and moisturizes the skin and controls sebum.
WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources M (Professional 15ml / 0.5 FL OZ e)
S$ 78.00 S$ 78.00 78.0 SGD
WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources M whitens the skin and prevents freckles. Vitamin E promotes anti-aging while Pueraria extracts prevent wrinkles. Malt, Pumpkin Seed extracts and Apricot extracts inhibits melanin from forming, and Bean extracts along with Kojic acid helps to whiten the skin.
WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources W (Professional 15ml / 0.5 FL OZ e)
S$ 78.00 S$ 78.00 78.0 SGD
WISH Formula Fermented Active Sources W contains an abundance of Polyphenol micronutrients that help protect against the harmful free radicals that can damage cells. Red ginseng helps to whiten and promote anti-aging, while fermented honey contains a variety of vitamins (B, C) and minerals (potassium, zinc, and calcium). Fermented green tea leaf and pomegranate extract also help with anti-aging.
WISH Formula Peeling Base Emulsion (120ml)
S$ 178.00 S$ 178.00 178.0 SGD
This gentle peeling emulsion instantly smooths, softens and brightens the complexion, leaving your skin refined, even-toned and healthy. It is great for treating breakouts and clogged pores as well. Suitable for those with sensitive skin. Infused with Vitamin E, Green Tea extracts and Raisin Seed Oil, it provides additional oxidative protection at near-zero irritation.

WISH Formula Peeling Base Liquid (120ml)
S$ 178.00 S$ 178.00 178.0 SGD
A perfect concoction of acid blends gently lifts up a layer of your epidermal dead skin cells to provide you a glowing complexion. Active fermented ingredients penetrates the skin by dislodging the stratum corneum and unclogs impurities without causing any harsh repercussions to the skin.
WISH Formula Reparative-K Cream (220ml)
S$ 220.00 S$ 220.00 220.0 SGD
WISH Formula Reparative-K Cream forms an effective skin barrier to protect sensitive skin. Its high concentration of active ingredients helps to soothe and relieve redness in sensitive areas of your skin.